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Eesti Raamatupidamiskeskus is a company established in 2009 with the objective of developing and marketing an innovative complete solution for intelligent accounting.


The created solution makes the everyday accounting of businesses easy and automates accounting processes significantly more than the solutions that have been available so far.

Full service

Raamatupidamiskeskus does not offer business operators an accounting software which the customers must tackle by themselves, but a full accounting service instead.


The project of Raamatupidamiskeskus is based on a cooperation network and the long-term experience of project members in the fields of information technology as well as accounting.


We want to thank the Structural Fund of the European Union and Enterprise Estonia (EAS) that helped to carry out the development project of Raamatupidamiskeskus.


Accounting should not be a costly activity for businesses – primarily due to the fact that it is not a free choice for business operators, but an obligation imposed by the legislator.


High-quality accounting should not only be available to businesses that can afford it, but every business operator must be able to do its accounting.

Small businesses

Small businesses quite often find that accounting services are not affordable for them and, therefore, use insufficient solutions for their accounting.

For everyone

Raamatupidamiskeskus makes high-quality accounting available to everyone and for a price that meets the expectations and demands of business operators.