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In order to fulfil accounting obligations, businesses should possess corresponding competence. If accounting is performed inadequately then it won’t take long for problems to arise.


Cost-related problems are most familiar to small businesses, for which hiring an accountant is not practical. Likewise, conventional accounting services could prove to be too expensive.


Raamatupidamiskeskus offers small businesses an innovative solution, a unique economy product in accounting services – easy and affordable accounting that meets all requirements.

Accounting should be easy and affordable for every business operator
Accounting does not have to be complicated and expensive anymore. With the service of Raamatupidamiskeskus, accounting is quick and affordable – declarations to the Tax and Customs Board, monthly reports on the economic performance and financial situation of the business, real-time overviews of sales, etc.
Joining Raamatupidamiskeskus is quick and convenient
In order to use the service, you have to create a user account and enter information about your business. Before joining, you have to identify yourself with your ID card, then answer some questions about your business, choose a suitable package and that is it. You can do it all via the Internet and in 5 minutes.
You can concentrate the accounting of several businesses under a single user account
You can concentrate the accounting of an unlimited number of businesses under your user account. This way, you can conveniently monitor the data of all your businesses in one place. You can also give access rights to other users, who can then access the data of your businesses. The number of such users is unlimited.
Direct communication with the accountant and customer support
Raamatupidamiskeskus takes care of all your accounting, including reporting. You do not have to rely only on your knowledge, since the application enables you to directly communicate with your accountant in order to resolve more complicated problems. If there is a problem, the accountant can also take over, if necessary.
Raamatupidamiskeskus offers large company solutions to small businesses
Raamatupidamiskeskus offers small businesses several solutions and possibilities that are generally only used at large companies. For example, a fully automatic system for receiving sales invoices, the possibility to view bank account transactions directly from the accounting environment, automatic exchange rate management, etc.
Document digitalisation and reports
This application enables you to digitally archive all documents of your business – this way, there is no need to worry about them going missing. Likewise, the final reports of every month (balance sheet, income statement, declarations) are always digitally available and reach the customer significantly faster than in the case of conventional accounting service.
24/7 access from everywhere
Raamatupidamiskeskus wishes to guarantee its customers ease of use. Because of that, users have access to their accounting and documents 7 days a week and 24 hours a day from everywhere where there is an Internet connection. Access is guaranteed immediately when you remember something important, so you do not have to wait for the next working day to turn to your accountant.