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Conditions of Use of the
Web Environment of Eesti Raamatupidamiskeskus
Valid as of 01.03.2013
  1. Definitions used:
    • Software – web-based software that belongs to Eesti Raamatupidamiskeskus OÜ (hereinafter referred to as RK) and can be accessed at the domain raamatupidamiskeskus.ee and its subdomains.
    • User – the person using the Software.
    • Contract – contract for the use of the Software that has been entered into between RK and a legal person represented by the User.
  2. The personal data of the User who is a natural person is processed by RK or a contractual partner of RK.
  3. The User shall be obliged to enter to the Software his/her correct contact and personal information. RK shall not assume liability for problems caused by incorrect data entered by the User or compensate for possible damage caused by incorrect data.
  4. RK shall guarantee the protection and processing of the personal data of the User according to the legislation in force in Estonia.
  5. RK shall not disclose the data held in the Software to third parties, unless it is necessary for carrying out the Contract and/or Conditions of Use and in cases provided by law. RK shall have the right to grant its contractual partners access to the data held in the Software with the purpose of carrying out the Contract and/or Conditions of Use.
  6. RK shall have the right to forward information about services offered by RK to the contact data of the User, unless the User has requested otherwise in writing.
  7. The User shall be obliged to use the Software for its designated purpose and in a benevolent manner. RK shall have the right to limit access to the Software promptly and without any advance notice if the User ignores the Conditions of Use or the conditions of the Contract, is engaged in illegal activity or otherwise significantly damages the interests of RK.
  8. If the User grants third parties access to his/her account, the User shall assume liability for their activity before RK.
  9. RK shall not disclose the access codes of the User to third parties, with the exception of cases provided by law.
  10. RK shall have the right to amend the Conditions of Use unilaterally. The amended Conditions of Use shall be published on the website of RK and shall enter into force as of the moment of being published on the website. RK shall not inform every User separately of amendments to the Conditions of Use. The use of the Software by the User shall be deemed as consent to adhere to the Conditions of Use currently in force.
  11. If some provision of the Conditions of Use becomes invalid due to a conflict with the law, it will not affect the validity of other provisions of the Conditions of Use.