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Why you should choose Raamatupidamiskeskus?

Accounting runs smoothly
Accounting as a process should take place inconspicuously in the everyday life of a business operator and with as little human intervention as possible. The project of Raamatupidamiskeskus is based on an innovative idea of using artificial intelligence algorithms in accounting.
Artificial intelligence resolves ever more complicated tasks
In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has greatly developed and the involvement of artificial intelligence in an increasing number of everyday applications makes them more convenient and efficient and frees people of routine activities.
A new solution for small businesses
Raamatupidamiskeskus offers small businesses a new solution – a unique economy product in accounting services. It is a true innovation in the field of accounting, enabling businesses to do their accounting in an easy and affordable manner thanks to the automation and optimisation of activities.
The essence of the solution is a self-learning system
Raamatupidamiskeskus has been developed with the purpose of making accounting activities more efficient. The essence of the solution is a self-learning system that starts to automatically perform activities which have become routine during the use of the system and the user can focus on more important activities, thereby saving his/her time.
Reduces routine in accounting
In the case of successful implementation, Raamatupidamiskeskus will significantly reduce the need for human workforce for performing accounting tasks. Likewise, it will make people perceive accounting as an essential activity rather than a multitude of routine tasks which accounting currently is.
Accountant always at hand
The system of Raamatupidamiskeskus is connected with an accounting agency. If the intelligence of the application and the user need help, an accountant can take over and accounting activities will never be left undone.